skin resurfacing

skin resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is an effective way of reversing the damaging effects
of sun exposure, aging and lifestyle habits (such as smoking) on the
quality, color and texture of your skin.
Dermax’s skin resurfacing solution uses Fractional CO2 Laser FL6.
With very short pulsed light energy (known as ultrapulse) or continuous
light beams that are delivered in a scanning pattern to remove thin
layers of skin with minimal heat damage.
Dermax’s skin resurfacing solution uses Microdermabrasion MDD2
to speed up exfoliation of the skin and induce controlled skin damage
by caustic agents. This controlled damage and exfoliation causes the
release of compounds that cause an inflammatory reaction resulting
in the thickening of the skin, collagen deposition and increase in
dermal volume. All of these effects combined lead to a smoother,
improved appearance of the skin.


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