Strech marks removal

Strech marks removal

Stretch Marks are scar-like bands that appear on the surface of
the skin almost anywhere on the body where the skin has been
stretched beyond its natural capacity. Commonly mistaken as
being a side effect of being overweight, stretch marks appear
where there is excess fat deposited, or where the skin has been
unable to respond to the rate of growth (puberty or pregnancy).
controlled injury to stretch marks with micro-injuries stimulate
collagen and elastin production and encourage 'injured' skin to
return to a more normal appearance over time.  
Dermax’s stretch marks solution uses Magik RF and Fractional
Laser FL6 by stimulating new collagen growth to create a
thermal injury below the surface of the skin at the point of the
damaged tissue. By creating this thermal injury, the skin is prodded
into developing new collagen, which then decreases the visibility
of stretch marks.


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