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Lip filler injections

Lip filler injections

Aqua Secret Lip Filler

Soft, plump lips are something that a lot of women fantasize about.
You can regain the lost plumpness, sensuousness and youthfulness of your lips with natural lip enhancement treatments.
The good news is there is a non-surgical approach to lip enhancement can help you.
That is what we say - Lip fillers or lip injections.

What exactly are lips filling or filler injection?

Lip fillers are injected into and around the lip area to elevate the size, shape, volume and entire appearance of the mouth.
We usually use the Aqua Secret hyaluronic acid.

How do these  Aqua Secret lip fillers work?

The doctor will mark and anesthetized the injection areas.
And then inject the Aqua Secret lip fillers into the lips and areas around the mouth.

Do Aqua Secret lip filler injections painful?

Because anesthetic is injected at the time of the lip filler injection treatment, patients will not feel pain.

Benefits of  Aqua Secret Lip fillers

-A more defined smile
-Turn the corners of the mouth upwards
-Give lips a more youthful looking appearance
-Thinning lips appear more fuller

Aqua Secret lip injections results

Look at the before and after photos which shows the results of one patient. 
Aqua Secret Lip injection before and afterAqua Secret Lip injection before and after
Aqua Secret lip injections can give you the perfect pout.