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Magik Thread Face Lift

Threading cosmetic surgery applies Magik Thread (collagen threads) to reach the amazing result of V lift face.
What is Magik Thread Lift
Magik Thread is an absorbable collagen threads used for sagging skin on face, neck and whole body. Doctors also call Magik Thread Face Lift as "lunchtime facelift", as its short duration, quick recovery, and satisfactory results.
About Magik Thread surgery 
At first make small 1-2mm incisions at various points on the face. And then insert the hollow needle into the skin to put the threads in place. Attach the thread to the fat underneath the skin, then be adjusted to tighten and smooth the contours of  face. At last, trim the excess threads . 

Recovery of Magik Thread 
There will be a quick recovery, most patients returning to work the next day or after a few days rest.

The cost of thread

The cost of thread depending on the number of areas being treated and the type of threads used. 

Threading face lift before and after